USA vs. Greece Thoughts

  • Best performance of the tournament by Team USA. That 2nd quarter was both dominant defensively and incredibly fun to watch.

  • Dwyane Wade has been the team’s best player thus far. His energy off the bench sparked the 2nd quarter explosion. He competed spectacularly on both ends of the floor. Expended so much energy that he asked to come out of the game in the 2nd quarter. Clearly, Wade took the 2006 loss personal. He had a determined look on his face all game.

  • The pick and roll defense was much improved from 2006. Chris Bosh defended superbly deflecting passes and hedging hard to prevent guard penetration.

  • Additionally, the overall half-court defense was much better. Less penetration was allowed and less wide open threes were given up. There is still room to improve.

  • Bosh is earning significant minutes due to his great touch around the basket and ability to finish after receiving contact. His feet on defense are also more active than Howard.

  • Team USA’s free throw shooting was very poor (13-23) and is a concern going into their matchup with Spain.

  • The prime of Jason Kidd’s career is over. He is no longer a top tier point guard. He will still be effective for a few more years, but he is no longer in top form. Regardless, he has had a terrific career and is one of the best PG’s off all time.

  • Deron Williams had a few careless plays that makes me question his focus and commitment. He should watch how Dwyane Wade plays the game.

  • Next, USA battles Spain on Saturday Morning. Possible gold medal game preview.

  • Check out this spectacular play before NBC rips it down.

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