USA vs. Angola Thoughts

  • First off, Team USA knowingly did not bring their A-game to this matchup. Coach K gave them the day before off to rest. Consequently, USA looked sloppy and unfocused at times throughout the game. No problem. The goal of Team USA is not to blow out every opponent. The goal is to win the Gold. They knew that even their worst game would probably be enough to defeat Angola. Therefore, any serious analysis of their play in this game would not be very enlightening.

  • Kobe went 0-8 from 3-pt, but none were really bad shots. He is going to need to continue to take those open looks, but hopefully make a few more.

  • Angola took advantage of USA’s continued poor 3-pt defense. This is one of Team USA’s biggest weaknesses and will continue to be exposed as they face off against better teams in the next few days.

  • TrueHoop noted that Chris Kaman might actually be a better 12th man off the bench than Carlos Boozer. Interesting to think about as Kaman suits up for Germany while holding American citizenship.

  • The next opponent, Greece, will be the roughest and most physical matchup for Team USA.

  • It appears as though Jason Kidd has become the de-facto starting PG. He plays for the first parts of both halves before Chris Paul and Deron Williams come in to play the major minutes. I think this is a great move by Coach K. It keeps Paul and Williams working hard and motivated to come back in 2012 as the next starting PG.

  • During the final episode of ESPN’s ‘Road to Redemption’ series, Dwyane Wade stated that this is probably the last time that he, Lebron and Carmelo will play on the same team together. They have been together every summer since their rookie season. But, a split would be a major disappointment. In 2012, they will still be 3 of the best players in the world and will be needed for another pursuit at the gold. It looks like Team USA will field younger, inexperienced teams in the future and not be able to keep up with countries whose players play for them until they are no longer able.

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